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... What is a BINK?
Basic Identification Numeric Key
If every object had a unique identifying number
and that number could be used to find out everything about that object
then objects could communicate.
.......... A microwave oven could know how to correctly cook the frozen dinner in it.
A simple robot could figure out how to pick up a can of soda, recognize it is empty, and take it to the recycling bin.
A forklift truck could find its way (using the BINKs in the wall, floor, and ceiling materials) to the required pallet, ensure that the correct items were on that pallet, and then take the items to the proper display area.
A grocery shelf could know when it needs to be restocked.
The ice cream could cry out to be returned to the freezer when it finds itself on the paper towel shelf.
Your refrigerator could detect that you are about to run out of eggnog and lobster, and order more.
The instructions for setting your particular watch can be found online, and you don't need to know the model number.
Your washer could warn you when the Very Red sock (wash only in cold) gets in with the white shirts.
Your house knows where you left your car keys.

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